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  • Some information about what I did at tab32.

    Here is a shortened description of what i did when i worked at the company tab32... if your business is trying to accomplish similar data migration work for their applications, you can reach out to me.

  • Opacity Fix for Magic Pattern CSS Background Code

    This is one of those CSS background pattern tools that is on the front page when you google. You might experience weirdness when you copy over the CSS verbaitum, depeding on what you're after. If you find the pattern is bleeding into child elements that you wish to remain above the element you've applied your "magic" background to, then here is the way to fix it.

  • text processing challenge, the number of atoms.

    One of those interview questions that started me down the road towards a useful pattern that I get a lot of use out of. The old (new) regular expression matchAll iterator.

  • Answers to Problem Sets from JS Hard Parts

    Answers to all the problems from hard parts v2... Learn how this whole Javascript thing works. Questions go over programming with higher order functions, the callback and microtask queues and the event loop. The rules of static scoping and thinking about which lines of code have access to which variable environments. A lot of depth to these hard parts workshops.